About Our Opportunity Quilt

2017 Opportunity Quilt: Pioneer Spirit

The Opportunity Quilt is one of the guild’s ways of generating funds through the means of a raffle. Tickets are sold throughout the year and the winning ticket is drawn at our December guild meeting.

It is traditionally a queen sized quilt, but not always. The design of the quilt varies from year to year and the construction varies from one person to a small group, to membership participation by blocks being passed out that members complete and return.

We regularly schedule members to travel, setup and sit with the opportunity quilt to events and guilds.

Opportunity Quilt Signups

We need volunteers to travel and sit with our Opportunity Quilt for the following dates. We would absolutely appreciate if you signed up for a shift (or two). For venue contact information, please contact Diane Hamilton, or Katy DeSart. Thank you.

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