Community Service

Every member of our Guild is encouraged to contribute to Community Service. Each year we donate quilts, Christmas Stockings, pillowcases, and other items to organizations that help children, teenagers and adults in transition. We donate to pediatric and neonatal units in hospitals, and to other charities dear to the hearts of our members. 

In 2018, this is what we completed and donated to various organizations:

  • Quilts – 189
  • Pillowcases – 547
  • Preemies – 132
  • Placemats – 440
  • Christmas stockings – 1025

Members may make any of the above items at home using their own fabric/material stash or pick up quilt kits that include fabric, batting and a pattern at any guild meeting.  Members can choose to do an entire quilt, or any part. For example, kits are available for cutting and piecing, or quilting, or binding only.  

in 2018 we decided to implement a “reward form” to better track what our members are making and to act as an incentive to get to our goal of 100% participation from our members.  Participants are given tickets that go into an end-of-the-year drawing.

Click this link for the Community Service Reward Form:

PQG Community Service REWARD FORM

Instructions for using the form are as follows:

The first column indicates what items you are turning in.

The second column indicates the number of tickets you receive for turning in an item that was made from a guild provided kit.

The third column indicates the number of tickets you receive for turning in an item that was made from your personal stash

The fourth column indicates the number of items you are turning in as well as the number of tickets you should receive.  Example:  Pillowcase from guild provided kit nets two tickets for each.  The quantity turned in 4 x 2 nets 8 tickets and so on.  If you turn in 1-pieced quilt top made from your stash it would be 1 x 5 netting 5 tickets.

Please put your name on the front or back of the form you’re turning in.

If you have questions, please contact